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Equitrek Apollo
Equitrek Apollo specifications

The Equi-Trek Apollo is a stunning trailer unrivalled for its strength and performance. Manufactured in the UK following two years of design and testing, the trailer encompasses cutting-edge engineering techniques and superior materials for a wood free, lightweight model to transport horses in safety and style


• Aerodynamic Fibreglass mould

• Galvanised Steel Chassis

• Independent Suspension

• Four Fully Braked Wheels

• Built in ISO9001 Factory

• Rear Loading Front Ramp

• Partition with PVC Skirt to Floor

• Composite High Impact Kick Boards

• Composite Panels

• Collapsible Breast Bar

• Side Windows

• Two Horse and Haynet Tie Rings

• Light and Spacious Interior

• Slip Resistant Rubber Ramp

• Strong Aluminium Plank Floor

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